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Reading Champion

Reading Champion is an exceptionally useful and valuable reading series which was designed to help children develop their reading skills independently, this set is particularly useful for providing guidance to children, building a habit of reading is a crucial part of growing and learning language skills as children spend their study or spare time outside of school. This set is the most ideal for reading development, which is divided into independent reading bands, sorted in an organised way for different levels of difficulty. This set is perfect for home learning and great for kids ages 5+. This set begins with Orange Level 6 which focuses on children ages 5 and over all the way through to White Level 10 which is geared towards more confident readers ages 7 and over. We all understand that as society, technology and our environment progresses and moves forward, we should also adapt to these changes in learning and education too and the Reading Champion uses a more modern approach to helping children develop their reading ability.