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Nora Recorder

by Ashjar
Dhs. 38.00

Nothing in a child equals the status of his grandmother. It is generosity and kindness, ancient wisdom, and the scent of pure love, and it is the warm memory that remains, even when it is cloaked by absence.

Such is the case of Noura, the heroine of our little story, whose parents decided that she should bear her grandmother's name. But she discovered that she had more than that, when she grew up near her, constantly visiting her in her room, sitting on her lap and listening to her tender voice as she told her the most beautiful stories. When her grandmother gives her a recorder, Nourah does not realize the value and importance of what she received, until her grandmother leaves this life.

With the warmth and kindness of grandmothers, this story tells us that the good impact our loved ones leave on our souls and lives is deep and eternal. While feeling sad over their separation is natural and inevitable, it should not worry us and make us despair, for the good they left inspires us with wisdom, fills us with joy, and renews hope.