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4M Little Craft - Spin Art Fun Creations

by 4M
Dhs. 60.00

Create your own Spin Art, make beautiful patterns to turn into cards and gifts. Place a paper disc on the spinning top, then twirl it as fast as you can to make the paper spin. Using the paint tubes, splatter a few drops of ink onto the paper to create amazing swirls and patterns as it spins.

The spinning top is 10 cm in diameter, there are twenty paper discs included, and both sides can be used. More paper can also be cut for extended play. There are three ink tubes in blue, pink and yellow which will blend on the paper to create a rainbow pallet. Suitable for children aged five and over.

Key Features:

  • Create beautiful patterns with a spinning top
  • Balance paper on the Spinning Top and spin it fast
  • Drop ink onto the paper and watch as it runs and blends
  • Make your finished arts into cards and gifts
  • Suitable for children aged five and over

Suitable for Age - 3 Years +

Items included in the Package :
1 Craft / Spin Art Fun Creations